What’s Next in the Enabling and Digital Revolution of Orthopedic Surgery?

About Video

Surgical robots, navigation and augmented reality help surgeons perform procedures with increased precision and control. Advanced imaging, handheld navigation devices and smart implants provide enhanced diagnosis and monitoring tools to make more informed decisions pre-, intra- and post-operatively.

Digital ecosystems allow for the processing and interpreting of vast amounts of data, supporting research and development efforts in orthopedic device design.

This session brings together market analyst and surgeon executive perspectives to share thoughts on emerging enabling and digital technology trends that will make platforms more effective, accessible and accepted in practice, and forecast what the next generation of technology should include.

About speaker/s

Michael Evers is a Senior Market Analyst and writer at ORTHOWORLD. He leads the development of ORTHOWORLD’s proprietary revenue models, covers industry trends and co-authors THE ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT. Before joining ORTHOWORLD in 2018, Mr. Evers served in analyst roles within the cardiac rhythm management and physician practice management industries.

Sharat Kusuma, M.D., is a physician executive who brings a unique combination of business, finance and clinical experience to his roles. Since 2019, he has served as the Chief Strategy Officer, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Chief Medical Officer at Exactech. Most recently he was appointed President of JointMedica, an orthopedic company focused on hip arthroplasty implants. Exactech and JointMedica are TPG Healthcare portfolio companies.

Before Exactech, he served as a senior leader at Apple’s headquarters, heading the development of digital health products and partnerships between Apple and pharma/medical device companies. He also worked as a Senior Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company in the healthcare provider, payor, pharma and medtech space. Before starting his medtech career, Dr. Kusuma enjoyed a successful tenure as an academic orthopedic hip and knee surgeon.

Carolyn LaWell is ORTHOWORLD’s Chief Content Officer. She oversees the company’s editorial and education, including ORTHOWORLD Membership, BONEZONE magazine and OMTEC education. Prior to joining ORTHOWORLD in 2012, she worked for multiple B2B magazines and newspapers.

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