In-Booth Presentations & Honorable Mentions

2023 Exhibitor In-Booth Presentations

The OMTEC Advisory Board selected 10 companies to deliver an in-booth presentation at OMTEC 2023.
You can find the winners below.

Please scroll down the page for the list of 11 honorable mentions. 

Below you’ll find a list of the 11 honorable mentions. 

Honorable Mentions

These companies were not selected to deliver a presentation, but their abstract submissions warrant an honorable mention. The selection process is always challenging for the board…there are countless topics of importance and we invite you to peruse the subjects below and contact the companies directly for more information. We extend our sincere thanks to these companies for supporting pertinent knowledge building for the orthopedic OEM community.


Orthopedic Grinding Solutions Adapting to Market Opportunities

ANCA Pty Ltd – Booth 438

Manufacturers can future-proof their production capabilities by putting in place adaptable grinding machines that work across a range of orthopedic and cutting tool applications. ANCA highlights different grinding applications relevant to the orthopedic industry and the skills and capabilities necessary for success.


Developing an Automation Plan for Medical Implant Material Removal

Acme Manufacturing – Booth 149

Orthopedic device manufacturers that are challenged by labor shortages, increasing demand and inconsistent part quality can benefit from robotic automation. Acme focuses on the automation of material removal applications and how it pertains to incoming part requirements, robotic sequences and how to identify the best application to increase throughput and produce an impressive ROI.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness with a Large Format 4 Laser System

AddUp, Inc. – Booth 716

Orthopedic manufacturers need world class Overall Equipment Effectiveness. How does this apply to today’s additive manufacturing (AM) machines? A large build volume, up to four full field 500W lasers and bidirectional powder spreading, opens the AM market to produce small and large joint replacements. A quality system ensures complete resolution of complex structures and traceability throughout the building process. Additionally, the manufacturer can pass along more design freedom to their customers.


EBM and Laser: Compare, Contrast and Selection

Avalign Technologies – Booth 236

There are multiple considerations for choosing an additive manufacturing technology. Among them are process flow for EBM and laser platforms, cost comparison of the processes, aspects for a holistic comparison, compare and contrast for sample parts, where both technologies overlap and can produce a good part enabling other factors to drive selection.


Process Adjustments for Stainless Steel Production to Improve Patient Outcomes

Carpenter Technology – 405

There is a desire for stainless steel alloys to meet the demanding needs of medical devices due to developments in surgical procedures (robotic-assisted and minimally invasive surgeries), production techniques (additive manufacturing, lights-out production) and changing regulatory framework (EU MDR). Carpenter has made recent developments on cold working capabilities to achieve high strength, novel processing pathways to develop low-residual stress 17-4PH bars and A-21 carburizable SS for surgical instruments and cutting tools.


How Modularity & Personalization Help You Stand Out in the O.R.

Intech – Booth 437

With an increasing demand for personalized and effective surgical solutions, orthopedic device companies face the challenge of standing out in a crowded market. Combining customization and modularity has proven to be a game-changer at Intech. The company’s lab can support orthopedic companies with rapid customization, full-on exclusive developments and a comprehensive approach from design to manufacturing and market introduction.


Future-Proof Your Supply Chain with Engineering Collaboration

KMM Group Ltd. – 737

Orthopedic engineering is pushing the limits of what can be achieved through standard machining. As tolerances become tighter and more precise, understanding how work is managed and having dedicated people and equipment for these disciplines is essential to solving next-gen challenges. KMM Group highlights why it’s important to consider a supplier’s flexibility, depth of experience and problem-solving skills.


Introducing Additive Research and Manufacturing

Lincotek Medical – Booth 543

Orthopedic companies must adopt “additive research and manufacturing” (ARM) to fully reach additive manufacturing’s potential. Lincotek has the global expertise and experience to offer creative solutions and guide OEMs through the product lifecycle. These efforts include additive-specific design, regulatory, manufacturing methods, improved mechanical capabilities and COGS optimization. 


Autonomous Grinding of Orthopedic Cutting Tools

Rollomatic – Booth 143

Rollomatic will exhibit a GrindSmart 630XS 6-axis CNC tool grinding machine and present the various types of orthopedic cutting tools that it can finish. The GrindSmart 630XS machine has three linear and three rotary fully interpolating CNC axes, which offer high flexibility for manufacturing surgical instruments. The machine also features a steady rest and V-block shank guidance to alleviate warped parts due to heat treatment and tools with a high ratio of length to diameter.


Bacterial Endotoxin Control in Orthopedic Device Manufacturing

STERIS Corporation – Booth 138

Bacterial endotoxin contamination on orthopedic devices can result in adverse regulatory and patient impact and considerable product cost. STERIS advises on what types of devices need to be tested for product release, sources of endotoxin, primary endotoxin test methods and the monitoring of processes to prevent endotoxin contamination.


UPM: New Ideas for Emerging Products & Markets

United Performance Metals – Booth 117

UPM has expanded its capabilities to include additive manufacturing, gauge stripping and medical grade bar products. The new AM solutions center provides end-to-end supply chain capabilities, from feedstock supply management to finished part manufacturing. UPM’s acquisition of a precision reroll mill expands its stainless steel and nickel offerings. Further, UPM offers multi metals for implant and instrument applications and strives to be a full range supplier of medical implant and device materials.


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