Model-based Definition for Additive Manufacturing Orthopedic Devices

About Webinar

It’s no secret that Additive Manufactured Orthopedics will continue to grow in demand. The orthopedic industry’s use of the technology has increased over the years and so has the foundational knowledge. This foundational knowledge has enabled generational designs that are more clinically relevant than even their own 3D-printed predecessors. This presentation will discuss the key factors of design for 3D-printed implants and the strengthening in their clinical relevance.

About speaker/s

Chris Collins, Founder, Executive Vice President and COO, Tangible Solutions

Tangible Solutions is an FDA registered contract manufacturer of 3D-printed titanium medical devices. Chris has a Mechanical Engineering background with a strength in process development for additive manufacturing, finish machining and lean manufacturing. In addition, he serves on multiple advisory boards and committees, advising on development of Good Manufacturing Practices and standards for additive manufacturing in the medical device industry.

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