Top Reasons to Attend OMTEC

The OMTEC experience is second to none. OMTEC’s unrivaled success is rooted in our mission to exceed your expectations, and it is the world’s only conference exclusively serving the global orthopedic manufacturing industry.

Here are the top 3 reasons to attend OMTEC, according to survey results.
Need more reasons? Download this infographic to share with your boss and teammates.

Diversity of Exhibiting Suppliers

Pertinent Education

Valued Networking

180 orthopedic-focused suppliers and service providers will exhibit at OMTEC 2024. They possess upwards of 30 essential capabilities such as implant and instrument manufacturing, surface technologies, packaging, sterilization, regulatory affairs, additive manufacturing/3D printing, materials, testing and more. Click here to view the list of exhibitors.

OMTEC Exhibit Floor

Solution-driven education is the backbone of OMTEC. The lineup will deliver solutions, actionable advice and best practices on topics of greatest importance to you and your team. OMTEC’s esteemed Advisory Board guides the curriculum. 

Optimizing biocompatibility amid FDA’s increased scrutiny, identifying alternative sterilization methods and packaging solutions and exploring the promise of AI (artificial intelligence) in supply chain decisions only scratch the surface of the education courses at OMTEC. We also delve into helping you build collaborative, strategically focused teams and provide guidance to help you execute difficult conversations and build your leadership skills.

Ten exhibitors will be selected to deliver in-booth presentations that showcase their unique expertise and how it addresses your most pressing challenges and supply limitations.

Networking opportunities at OMTEC are a key component to a productive and profitable experience. Due to the highly concentrated mix of OEM and Supplier professionals, you can be sure to make new connections and catch up with old friends. Exciting opportunities are always brewing at OMTEC. Check out the networking events here, and add them to your schedule.

OMTEC Networking

No matter your station in the orthopedic commercialization chain — engineer, executive, buyer, surgeon, investor, inventor, manufacturer — OMTEC is your resource.