VSMPO – The Evolution of a Titanium Producing Powerhouse

About Video

VSMPO is the most customer-focused titanium producer in the world. The customer drives every activity within VSMPO with a culture established out of necessity. It was literally a matter of survival for the company. When the Soviet Union broke apart, the key to VSMPO’s future existence was to expand its business to the western titanium markets. As an unknown entity from a former geopolitical adversary, this was a monumental task only achieved by committing to total customer satisfaction. VSMPO has since become the dominant titanium producer in the world with this driving mindset. This presentation will detail the unique advantages VSMPO offers including vertical integration, centralized primary metal production, global distribution/sales centers, and complementary value-added investments. This all culminates in a singular ability to provide the most superior customer service with bedrock principles of the highest quality, price competitiveness/stability, and maximum flexibility.

About speaker/s

Vince Rocco, Vice President | Eastern Sales & Operations, VSMPO-Tirus

Mr. Rocco joined VSMPO-Tirus in 2018, where he leads the sales and distribution of VSMPO titanium products. Immediately prior, he directed the global sales of master alloys, super alloys and metal products for Ametek Reading Alloys, primarily to the titanium industry and aerospace parts producers.

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