Striking a Balance: How True Partnerships Decrease Cost and Lead Time

About Webinar

CEO Dax Strohmeyer and Director of Engineering Ken Gredick will discuss Triangle’s proven methods for working with clients in new product development. At Triangle, product realization is our passion and successful outcomes are the result of a collaborative design development and problem-solving partnership that starts at the very beginning of a relationship. Industry pressure to reduce cost and lead time has resulted in developing robust and proficient DFM and DFI solutions to help our clients compete in the marketplace. Ken’s team at Triangle, the Advanced Manufacturing Group, excels in meeting this challenge, resulting in a win/win for all stakeholders and ultimately, successful patient outcomes.

About speaker/s

Dax Strohmeyer, Chief Executive Officer, Triangle

Dax is the CEO of Triangle and the grandson of company founder William Strohmeyer. Following a brief career as a professional football player in the NFL, NFL Europe and CFL, Dax joined his father Neal in the family business in 2001. He spent his first four years working in support of operations and then transitioned over to business development. After five years, he was named Triangle’s third president in 2010 where he served in that capacity until being named CEO in 2020.

Ken Gredick, Director of Engineering, Triangle

Mr. Gredick leads Triangle’s teams through the new product development process and the creation of sustaining business models. He has a passion for identifying design cost drivers and bringing solutions to the table. Ken began his career in his family-owned business manufacturing aerospace components and working with ultra-high precision tolerances. His catchphrase is, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t make it.”

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