Robotics, Navigation and Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Orthopedic Surgery

About Webinar

Orthopedics’ largest companies have heavily invested in developing and launching robotic and navigation technology to assist surgeons in conducting a more accurate procedure that ultimately results in better patient outcomes. The promise of artificial intelligence adds a new dimension to using and learning from technology. We pull together the industry executive and technology expert sides along with the surgeon perspective to discuss the future of orthopedic surgery.

About speaker/s

Mike Evers, Digital Content Strategist, ORTHOWORLD

Mike Evers is an analyst and writer with over 15 years of experience in the medical industry, spanning cardiac rhythm management, ER coding and billing, and orthopedics. He joined ORTHOWORLD in 2018, where he provides market analysis and editorial coverage.

Peter Verrillo, Chief Executive Officer, Enhatch

Peter Verrillo is the Founder and CEO of Enhatch, the Intelligent Surgery Company. Enhatch is building the future of surgery and the medical device industry, harnessing artificial intelligence to deliver a safer, faster, and more accurate clinical outcome through the entire surgical experience. Before Enhatch, Mr. Verrillo launched multiple billion-dollar product lines in the orthopedic industry and also holds several seminal patents in joint arthroplasty. He graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering.

Liane Teplitsky, Worldwide VP & GM, Technology and Data Solutions, Zimmer Biomet

Ms. Teplitsky joined Zimmer Biomet in 2020, coming from Abbott, where she held leadership positions in Cardiac Arrythmia Sales and Global Marketing Electrophysiology Therapies. Ms. Teplitsky holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physiology from the University of Saskatechewan.

Brad Clayton, CEO, Fusion Robotics

Mr. Clayton joined Fusion Robotics in 2019, following various experiences at Medtronic in numerous branches: Sofamor Danek, Navigation, Spine & Biologics, Midas Rex and Neurosurgery. Fusion Robotics is focused on the design, development and commercialization of cost-effective robotic surgical solutions for the treatment of patients with spinal disorders.

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