How to Create a True Quality Culture at Your Medical Device Company

About Webinar

The word “quality” can have multiple definitions. Some view quality as simply meeting compliance requirements, while others look at quality as improving the life of a patient who uses their device. Although both viewpoints are true, only one reflects a true quality culture mindset. Orthopedic device manufacturers that want to create a true quality culture must first adopt a mindset that fosters a culture of quality. This presentation offers valuable information and tips to educate your team on creating and nurturing a true quality culture within your organization. In doing so, you can improve internal operations, team efficiencies and the production of quality orthopedic devices.

About speaker/s

Tom Rish, Manager, Medical Device Gurus, Greenlight Guru

Tom Rish is a Medical Device Guru at Greenlight Guru. He works with customers to utilize their QMS software to build safer products on expedited timelines. Mr. Rish is a Biomedical Engineer who began his career developing implant and instrument systems in the orthopedic industry. He enjoys helping customers successfully navigate regulations around the globe as they bring life-changing technologies to market.

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