How to Create a Product Development Roadmap

About Webinar

New product development is the lifeline of any company. The ability to innovate and introduce new, exciting products in a changing environment keeps customers engaged. Companies need to continually think about their next product and have a plan that looks years into the future. A well-defined roadmap can help companies plan and execute their product development vision. This session advises product development leaders on mapping a course and navigating through roadblocks during your next new product introduction.

About speaker/s

Shaher Ahmad, Partner – Product Lifecycle Management, Factor 7 Medical

Shaher Ahmad is an innovative engineer, research and design expert, and product launch specialist who provides guidance to companies throughout the full product development cycle. He is a partner at Factor 7 Medical, which was founded by seven experienced executive leaders in the Healthcare Industry to assist clients in enhancing patient lives by developing and commercializing innovative medical technologies.

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