Grinding of Surgical Drills, Burs, Reamers, Taps and Other Orthopedic Cutting Instruments

About Webinar

This webinar deals with the manufacturing of surgical cutting tools in stainless steel and other hardened steels for performing a variety of orthopedic surgeries and procedures. A 6-axis CNC tool grinding machine is described (the Rollomatic GrindSmart® 630XW), which is the primary piece of equipment used for grinding the cutting geometry of orthopedic cutting tools such as bone drills, arthroscopic burs, bone taps, shaver blades, cranial perforators, saw blades and more. The webinar will also touch on the blank preparation of these instruments where grinding has become a necessity.

About speaker/s

Eric Schwarzenbach, President, Rollomatic

Mr. Schwarzenbach has served as President at Rollomatic since 1997. For more than 35 years, the Rollomatic Group has specialized in the development and production of CNC tool & cutter, cylindrical grinding and laser cutting machines. Rollomatic provides application solutions for the precision manufacturing of medical drills, burs, taps, reamers, shavers and other orthopedic and cranial cutting tools.

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