From Your Idea to the Serial Production of 3D Parts

About Webinar

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is not just about technology: it involves pre- and post-process operations that need to be properly managed. When you have an idea for AM and you ask yourself “would it be feasible?”, the answer is: possibly yes, but you probably need help from experts. Once they receive a 3D file, Lincotek’s engineers discuss its suitability and evaluate details: undercuts, sharp edges, stock allowances, surface orientations. Everything has to match the technology features. Fifteen years of experience in AM of metals makes Lincotek a solid supplier for OEMs. Management of big data assures process control.

Post-process includes heat treatment (e.g., high vacuum heating or HIP), controlled cutting, improved powder removal with Lincotek’s Xclean technology, machining and finishing as well as validated washing, packaging and managing of sterilization. More than an integrated supply chain, an integrated process approach that involves design and long-standing technological expertise.

About speaker/s

Luca Facchini, R&D Project Manager, Lincotek Medical

Luca Facchini joined Lincotek Medical in 2011. Since then, he has advanced through R&D roles, managing projects and additive manufacturing production. Dr. Facchini holds a Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in the field of Materials Engineering from Università di Trento.

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