Benefits of Cannulated vs. Solid Raw Material

About Webinar

The increasing time required in early product development and regulatory stages means shortening manufacturing time is one of the few areas of opportunity remaining for reducing the time to launch new products. Use of cannulated bar stock instead of solid raw material reduces manufacturing time and improves manufacturing efficiency. This webinar discusses the various options available for manufacturing cannulated instruments and implants and provides a case study on the savings.

About speaker/s

Thomas Guéguen, General Manager, Forécreu America

Mr. Guéguen has over 10 years of experience helping foreign-owned companies grow in the U.S. and a background in sales, marketing, finance and management. Prior to his appointment as GM at Forécreu America in 2019, Guéguen spent three years as GM at HTI Technologies, a contract manufacturer providing medical coating – titanium & hydroxyapatite plasma spray, technical ceramics and cleaning & packaging services.

Dale Tempco, Industry Consultant

Dale Tempco is consultant specializing in product development, operations, quality, supply chain, M&A, and finance. His expertise includes low-cost sourcing, design transfer, design for manufacturability, special process and cleaning validation, additive manufacturing, failure analysis, and cost accounting. Mr. Tempco also possesses extensive experience in China.

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