Additive Manufacturing: Choosing the Best Technology and Partners

About Webinar

Additive manufacturing is gaining broader adoption in orthopedics. But the growth in companies using the technology does not equate to an exponential increase in industry expertise and capacity. Whether you’re a novice or a master in additive manufacturing, evaluating this rapidly advancing technology is important. Our panel of OEMs and contract manufacturers will discuss choosing the right type of additive manufacturing for your implant, scaling your production processes and finding competent partners.

About speaker/s

Chuck Hansford is Director of Advanced Development at Tecomet. Mr. Hansford is a senior executive with a proven track record of outstanding leadership in product development with focus on customer service. He has over 38 years of management experience, highlighted by a 14-year career with Johnson & Johnson in the medical device industry and 18 years with focus on orthopedic instrumentation and implants. Mr. Hansford possesses broad technical focus in developing new and innovative products.

Andy Elsbury is Co-Founder and acting President of Nexxt Spine.  Indiana-based Nexxt Spine is a pioneer in the manufacturing and national distribution of spinal implant systems. The company’s flagship NEXXT MATRIXX product line is one of Mr. Elsbury’s most-revered accomplishments to date. The portfolio of 3D-printed porous titanium spinal cages has pushed bioengineering limits. On a daily basis, Mr. Elsbury oversees Nexxt Spine’s management of product development, regulatory and FDA compliance, IP, finance, marketing and sales. The company has grown tenfold since its inception in 2009. As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Elsbury has launched several other successful companies throughout his professional career

Cambre Kelly, Ph.D., is a biomedical engineer, medical device entrepreneur and additive manufacturing enthusiast. Dr. Kelly’s passion is working at the intersection of advanced technology and medicine, having co-founded numerous early and mid-stage MedTech companies translating and commercializing innovative medical devices. Dr. Kelly is a highly cited researcher and inventor on numerous patents. She has commercialized multiple medical device products, which have impacted thousands of patients. As a co-founder of and CTO at restor3d, she leads research and advanced development projects. In her most recent venture as co-founder and CEO of Reselute, she leads the business and product development strategies.

Martin Petrak is CEO of PADM Group, including Precision ADM and PADM Medical. Mr. Petrak is an experienced CEO and Professional Engineer with demonstrated expertise in the additive manufacturing, aerospace, medical and industrial/energy sectors. In 2015, Mr. Petrak Co-Founded Precision ADM, a metal and polymer additive and subtractive digital manufacturing for medical and other sectors. From 2010-2022 he served as President and CEO of The Orthopaedic Innovation Centre (OIC), which supports musculoskeletal companies by providing biomedical engineering, medical device consulting services, product testing, validation, contract research and small scale additive manufacturing. Mr. Petrak started his career in research and development at the Concordia Joint Replacement Group.

Davy Orye is the Team Manager of Additive Minds Consulting at EOS. Mr. Orye’s passion for additive manufacturing started in 2012 while writing his master’s thesis in mechanical engineering at KU Leuven. After his studies, he began working as a project engineer, focusing on the development and serial manufacture of medical applications. This experience was his first contact with the orthopedic industry. From 2016 to 2021, Mr. Orye was an Additive Minds consultant at EOS, focusing on all matters relating to processes, such as support-free process optimization. Since the end of 2021, he has been responsible for Additive Minds Consulting, which leverages all relevant knowledge and capabilities to ensure customers’ success when using EOS technologies.

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