3D-Printing Implants with High-Performance Polymers

About Webinar

Polymers are expected to play an integral role in the next wave of innovative 3D-printed implants. Orthopedic and spine companies are considering PEEK, PEKK and resorbable materials to design and 3D-print implants. This panel discussion brings together diverse perspectives — an OEM, materials company, machine company and researcher — to discuss the state and future of 3D-printed polymer implants. Why choose polymers over metals? What machines and materials are used to print implants? Which orthopedic applications are best suited for 3D-printed polymers? What advancements need to take place for broader adoption of the technology? These questions and more are answered to help guide OEMs as they consider choosing polymers for their next 3D-printed implant.

About speaker/s

Steven Kurtz, Ph.D., is the Director of the Implant Research Core and a part-time Research Professor at Drexel University. Dr. Kurtz has expertise in the additive manufacturing (3D printing) of medical devices, with an emphasis on orthopedic, spine and trauma implants. With 27 years of professional experience, Dr. Kurtz is also the Founder and CEO of Gyroid, a boutique biomedical consulting firm. His recent research interests include point-of-care additive manufacturing of medical devices, especially with high-temperature PAEK polymers. Dr. Kurtz is active in many professional societies, including ISTA, AAOS, AAHKS, the Hip Society, the Knee Society and ASTM. Dr. Kurtz has edited ten books and written over 270 journal articles and 500 conference abstracts.

Erik Erbe, Ph.D., is Chief Scientific Officer at Curiteva. Dr. Erbe has been a medical device executive for over 35 years. He has worked for large companies (3M, NuVasive) and startups (Orthovita, Knee Creations, Mo-Sci), gaining wide experience with hands-on leadership and strategic vision. Dr. Erbe has a vast knowledge of ceramics and medical biomaterials, manufacturing development and scale-up, product development and design control, intellectual property, clinical trial design and implementation, tissue processing and regulatory strategy.

Markus Reichmann is Director, Global Sales – Healthcare Manufacturing Solutions, 3D Systems. Mr. Reichmann leads the Business Development Team for Healthcare Manufacturing Solutions at 3D Systems. He and his team collaborate with customers to expand the breadth of medical device applications they are addressing with additive manufacturing (AM). He joined 3D Systems in 2017 and worked closely with the 3D Systems metals R&D group for the first three years in the company’s Customer Innovation Center in Leuven, Belgium. In 2019, he moved to Littleton, Colorado to focus on Business Development. Mr. Reichmann received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanics and Mechatronics at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen, Germany. He plans to complete his Executive Master of Business Administration at Leeds School of Business — University of Colorado Boulder in April 2023.

Suneel Bandi, Ph.D., is the Global Director of Technology for PEEK and Medical Devices at Evonik Corporation. He has held various positions in his career, including R&D scientist, product development, application development, technical marketing and strategy consultant. Dr. Bandi is a past member of TPC committees and continues to be on the TPC committee to review technical papers for ANTEC and Minitec conferences. He is also an active member of SPE. Dr. Bandi has a Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

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