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Orthopedic Industry Executives Examine Top Growth Opportunities

Today’s orthopedic growth opportunities largely align with two strategies — responding to the shifts in care settings and adopting enabling and digital technology. The OMTEC keynote brings together diverse perspectives to provide insight into the significant changes shaping hospital and ASC decision-making, the enabling technology and digital tools that will prevail in orthopedics, and the new business models companies will assume and navigate in the next five years.

Robotics, Navigation and the Tech Behind Orthopedics’ Growing Digital Ecosystems

This panel discussion includes orthopedic companies with varying types of enabling and digital technologies. The group will explore questions such as: What are the uses and benefits of the technology today? How will the technology advance over time? How will data be captured and utilized to improve technology, surgical techniques and patient outcomes? What will it take to gain greater adoption in orthopedics?